Here is a screenshot from SiteSkins,
showing the SiteClip window and browser.
The clip's "author" is the band name
and that name is a live link
to the band's website.

What is SiteSkins
SiteSkins is essentially, a website that makes websites. This website was created using SiteSkins.

SiteSkins allows users to create full featured websites, with up to 30 pages, multi-tiered link structures, custom email forms, text, photo galleries, Q&A pages, etc. Additionally, each site can be 'skinned' to another look and feel with the click of a button.

Clip users can link right to your website
SiteSkins SiteClips are fastly becoming one of the most popular features on SiteSkins as everyone likes to have a website that makes some noise. Your band name (or artist name) is displayed, as well as a blurb that you give us and a link to your band's website. SiteSkins receives around 6 million hits per month and many of those visitors create trial websites and/or signup. This translates to more exposure for you as an artist.

Give it a try
If you want to see what SiteSkins is like, click here ( ) to try it out for free. Make your own website