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Flattered, I'm sure!
things people have said about SiteSkins

"Without a doubt... one of the best business investments I've ever made."

My husband was seriously ill in 2003 and I had to come up with a way to earn income fast. Siteskins was the perfect solution. In the real world, web site designs are costly, in fact I would say prohibitive for a small start-up business. Once you choose a Siteskins template and package that includes professional design, you are up and running in no time and competing with the best. My first year in business was a great success and produced the windfall my family needed. What I liked best was Siteskin's customer service. As a travel agent, I needed to learn some basic HTML codes to link vacationers to island accommodations shown on my R.S.V.P. Martha's Vineyard web site. Siteskins took the time to teach me how to do this and more. I personally vouch for the reliability of uptime and the ease of building your own web site. That's really the Siteskin strength, it's so easy to use. There is no lag time waiting for a designer when you have to make changes to your site because you can do it instantly from your computer whenever you want. Plus, with a little imagination, you can create a professional-looking website all by yourself. One other valuable marketing tool, is the service that helps you track the ebb and flow of traffic to your web site. Without a doubt, this has been one of the best business investments I've ever made. On a budget or not, it's really the smart, hassle-free way to go.
Shirley - R.S.V.P. Martha's Vineyard

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"Thanks a million"

That is sooo cool!!! Thanks a million. I am thrilled with it. Thanks for spending the time to help me and accomodate my personalization.
Lisa M. - Puppies on the Prairie

"I can easily make changes or updates"

I choose SiteSkins for my web pages because a good friend of mine uses it and I loved the things that she could do and the fact that she could change it so easily from one season or holiday to another. When I first got started, Mathew from SiteSkins even called me at home to help me get setup. I can easily make changes or updates to my pages whether it's text or pictures. If I can do it, anybody can do it. Thanks Mathew!
Kathy Y.

"above and beyond"

Thank you for all your assistance and going "above and beyond" in creating the new emails for me in seconds. I very much appreciate your excellent service.
Elizabeth A.

"You are doing so many things so well"

Thank you so much for always being so responsive and supportive! We love the music streaming on the front page and thank you for uploading the press kit too.

We are impressed with how Zulal does on search engines. I have to say, the ease and impact of search-ability with Site Skins is really one its least touted but most powerful assets. You are doing so many things so well and we are pleased with the product.
Teni A. - Zulal

"absolutely the best website builder"

Siteskins is absolutely the best website builder service I have found for those of us who don't know html.
Robyn M. - The Prana Tree

"Genius and heart"

Things are happening as result of the website and my going public. I have had no effect on getting legislation drawn up or amended until yesterday.

Now a senator and a representative are moving my suggestions forward. My whistle blower cases that have been languishing since September 2005 are now moving forward. I got the most polite, conciliatory call from the Ombudsman.

I've had an attorney through the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association compliment on how good my website looks. I've had some contacts that may translate into work and....income.

Man oh man! The power of the pen, the power of information getting published and number one on Google!

My friend's wife is a manager at Microsoft. His site doesn't pull up and with your help I'm number one on Google, MSN and Yahoo!

Genius and heart. Thank you so much.
Margo L. - Child Care Consulting in Washington State

"I am SO indebted to you and SiteSkins"

I am SO indebted to you and SiteSkins. Not only was I able to sell my house as a FSBO [for sale by owner] in two days with FOUR AMAZING OFFERS to choose from, but everyone who came to the Open House said to me "great website! it was so helpful! better than any house websites we've seen." I really think it was the ability to mass-market my home-for-sale with a great website and house address as its domain name that ended up getting me such great exposure and such a great selling price.

I really think you should market your site more heavily as a FSBO-aid, where sellers can put lots of pictures and info and mass-market to the broadest audience. Even nonFSBO homes for sale would benefit from having a website with all the information in a clear, attractive format. I'll definitely tell all home-sellers about it.
Alexis F. - Sold Home with SiteSkins

"thanks for all of the wonderful support"

Hi, Mathew The site looks great, you're awesome, thanks for all of the wonderful support that you have given me in building my site.
Pastor Harris - Bridge of Faith Ministries

"I am getting compliments on it"

Really appreciate the hand holding here - I'm a writer, but web stuff and internet stuff, not my bag. HOWEVER your site was extrememly easy for me to build my site. Many thanks. I am getting compliments on it as I show people, and anxious to have it out there.
Scott V. - Specialty Writing & Editing, LLC

"I literally built the entire site in one evening."

I am so impressed with your offering! I literally built the entire site in one evening. Friends and associates think I spent weeks on it or hired a professional firm. Well done!
Rocco M.

"I'm already getting RAVING remarks about the site!"

Thank YOU Mathew! I am SO thrilled to finally have such a professional site for my ministry! I have been praying over this for the last several years! I have wanted to present my ministry at its very best within my small budget. (I spend most of my money on advertising to draw people to my site....so keeping the website at a low cost has been key for me.) You have provided me that opportunity and I'm already getting RAVING remarks about the site! You and Your company have been a TREMENDOUS blessing....and in turn you are contributing to the work of this ministry! Thank you a million times over!!!! God bless you abundantly!
Cherie H. - ScriptureNow.com

"I am overwhelmed with compliments"

I am finally getting around to thanking you so much for the perfect web site builder. I am overwhelmed with compliments on my daughter's site. It was important to be able to showcase her talent as well as be able to update on a regular, weekly basis without much technical skill. I found it with SITESKINS!! AND when I did need help or guidance, Matt always made me feel like I was his ONLY customer! Thanks a million!
Kym M. - Lauren Hettinger Official Website

"Looks awesome!!"

Looks awesome!! Thank you Mathew. I really appreciate your help to make our site look fantastic.
Julie R. - Paper Castle

"comments and feedback from clients and acquaintances has been phenomenal"

A friend of mine yesterday called me and asked who did my page, where I have it located- He said that it looked like a pro did it! I told him that SiteSkins was awesome, and to go check it out. He asked me how much it was so I told him-
He was astounded and I believe he immediately started his own page with you. (he was asking me tons of questions). I told him that the support is awesome, and that all of my questions and fumbles have been delt with extremely well.
Thank you sooooo much for all your help- The comments and feedback from clients and acquaintances has been phenomenal!
Thank you again
Barbara H. - Schmoopie's Dog Service

"...a professional looking site that isn't going to drive me insane"

I love Siteskins for a website...it is so easy. I had signed up for a [competitive website builder brand] website last week and spent 4 days of pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to set that all up...what a nightmare. They tout their sites as being 'so easy'...what a crock! I cancelled it and went with Siteskins. It's worth it for peace of mind in having a professional looking site that isn't going to drive me insane! LOL...Have a great day
Lynn C. - Kindlessence.com

"I appreciate you responding so soon"

thank you soo much for clearing this up with me. I appreciate you responding so soon. I also appreciate your easy interface and polite workers.
Gregory B.

"How very refreshing"

How very refreshing in these days of go, go, go and busy like crazy and no time to help anyone.

Your consideration is very much appreciated and is one main reason we have stayed with site skins for so long and will continue to do so.

"a wonderful and versatile tool"

This has been an awesome tool for my company. I love My website, thank you so much for creating such a wonderful and versatile tool.
Sheila J. - Jones Photography

"nothing but a positive experience"

I have had nothing but a positive experience with your company and your personalized service. I like supporting companies like yours because our lab stands for the same things and we pride ourselves on the personalized service we provide our customers as well.
Joyce A.

"It was so easy to use!"

I have had my website up and running for 2 months now and it is running great! I loved using site skins to build my page! It was so easy to use! Thank you!
Ashleigh J. - AJ Designs Custom Embroidery

"I wish I had found you a year ago"

I love your Siteskins website builder, it is so professional, and user-friendly; and I have shopped around. I think you have a superior product, and I wish I had found you a year ago.
Joanne D. - Jeff Damberg Portraits and Paintings

"I'm still very glad I switched!"

I've always enjoyed maintaining my website. I think a lot of writers do. SiteSkins makes it easy with lots of fun, creative options. I'm still very glad I switched!
Connie Ann Kirk - ConnieAnnKirk.com

"If I was to rate SiteSkins..."

If I was to rate SiteSkins, I would give it 5 stars for good feedback, service, communication and of course a quality site as well. Keep up the good work!
Michelle M. - Night Visions

"I cannot thank you enough"

I just had to tell you of ALL the compliments I get on my webpage, everyone tells me how beautiful it looks & flows...I cannot thank you enough for developing this product so I could update and change things on my own time...and thanks of course for all your help showing me how to use it :)
Jennifer D. - Yogic Living

"You have always been there..."

Siteskins.net, I am writing you to express my great appreciation for such a wonderful tool to help build my business. Siteskins.net has been very easy to use throughout our entire site building process. You have always been there to answer any questions or concerns that have arose. My clients that view the site are very pleased with how easy it is to navigate. Thank you for providing Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service with a great website.
Clint W. - Lake Fork Day and Night

"You rock!"

Thanks again! You rock Mathew! Excellent customer service!
Cherise V. - Executive Tans Elite

"Site Skins is the perfect place for a songwriter like me"

Thank you so much. Your prompt reply is greatly appreciated. I used to charge credit cards for a complany and just thought it was charged twice. So far so good with your services. Site Skins is the perfect place for a songwriter like me.
Michelle - www.michellesmithharper.com

"I have to work with people I can depend on..."

Just wanted to thank you for doing the things you said you would. We have been with you for about three years now, those are three site trouble free years. Your company is great to work with, I recieve many of my bookings from my website. I have to work with people I can depend on, thanks again to the Siteskins team and a personal thank you to Matthew.
James Caldemeyer - Professional Lake Fork Guide

"I feel like we owe you a drink!"

Thank you SO MUCH! I feel like we owe you a drink!
Yeraz - Sirens

"superior to other site builders I had tried"

I just tried the test account. I didn't build much but it was evident to me that your software was very much superior to other site builders I had tried. It is very visible, well laid out and the choices are clear. The result is simple but effective. I like it VERY much. I will be experimenting some more but am almost positive I will be signing up by the end of the week. [he did sign up!]
Martin M.

"I shocked myself!"

I am 70 years old, and just step above being a computer illiterate, but I was able to establish and maintain my web site with such ease, I shocked myself!
Phil S.

"very pleased with the results"

Hi. I really loved using your site. It is much easier to use than another site I tried first and I was very pleased with the results. Also I had to call your customer service and the representative I talked to was so friendly and nice and very helpful. The best part was that when I called I got an actually person!Thanks.
Sally S.

"You make us look good!"

I am so much more than impressed....I'm astounded! SiteSkin's remarkable customer service should be a model for any business that REALLY want truly satisfied customers. Everyone who visits our site cannot believe how little we pay for it. Thank you, SiteSkins...You make us look good!
Michael M.

"...customer service and special help I've received have been beyond exceptional..."

I LOVE Siteskins! Not only has it allowed me to focus on what I do best without having to get caught up in the details of our site, but the customer service and special help I've received have been beyond exceptional. This site -- the logistics of it and the people behind it -- is the best. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Michelle R. - Live Love Ministries

"That looks GREAT."

That looks GREAT. I just made the headings a matching green. Thanks so much!!!!
Barbara L. - Pelican Pointe Ladies Golf

"Thanks so much for making our lives easier"

I just wanted to thank the whole SiteSkins team for creating an excellent user-friendly way for the average busy person to create a website in minutes. I love the variety of skins and the many options available. I have recommended the SiteSkins site to many friends, coworkers, and family; they all agree it is easy and reliable. Thanks so much for making our lives easier.
Kristen C.

"I cannot say enough great things about it"

Siteskins has been a great venue for my website, and I cannot say enough great things about it. Everyone who visits my site comments on the quality, which is a direct reflection of Siteskins.
Jim D.

"You make it easy and it looks professional"

Jodi B.

"just tickled to pieces"

Hi. I'm just tickled to pieces with how painless it was to create a great website. Thanks. It's made me ever so proud of y'all....AND me. Who knew?
Cynthia C.

"performs exactly as it says on the box"

I am very happy with your service. I use three different hosting services, but yours is the only one that performs exactly as it says on the box --and you can quote me on that.
(please note that of course, there is no "box" -- Lou was speaking figuratively)
Lou R.

"It was so easy to develop and updating is a breeze"

We just launched our first 5 page web site under lakesuzyestates.org. The early returns are that the community just loves it. We have so many other things we want to include so we expect to expand to the unlimited membership soon. It was so easy to develop and updating is a breeze. Thank you!
Len A.

"the capibilities are fantastic"

I appreciate the use of your site for the display of my pictures. Setting up the picture gallery was fairly easy and the capibilities are fantastic. There is so much room for pictures on one page with the thumbnail feature. Thank you for your service.
Barbara R.

"Pofessional results to say the least"

SiteSkins was exactly what I needed and I didn't even know it. Your company was recommended by a friend and current member. Pofessional results to say the least, I am thrilled with the great site, inexpensive, but looks expensive. Your customer service is fantastic also, the total package. Thank you. Paul Yesucevitz (newest satisfied customer)p.s. I have had to spent a few hours working on my site. That is because of all the GREAT choices I can't decide and keep reskining my site.
Paul Y.

"...above and beyond..."

Having no experience building websites, I needed help!!! SiteSkins is an absolute must!!! I sent an email asking the question, "where do I start?" Mathew replied immediately with a step by step explanation in very simple terms. We corresponded several times within the day while I tried to get the website up and running. He was so patient with me and really took the time to make sure I felt comfortable setting it all up.

Six months later, I needed to renew my domain and was unsure of the steps. I emailed Mathew and yet again, he responded within the hour. He went above and beyond, trying to gather the necessary information for me to get my site back online. The customer service I've received from Mathew makes me a SiteSkins customer for life. I'm telling all my colleagues and friends!!!
Megan R. - meganrobbins.ca

"I feel like I'm the only customer you have"

Monica C.

"I love this website"

I love this website
Taylor W.

"I love this website"

Thanks for the quick response! I really am pleased with siteskins, it is very reliable and fast to load. I have another business that I want to switch the website to you guys.
Thanks again.
Chad - Living Color Painting, LLC

"I am very excited about the possibilities"

Wow Matthew, now that is what I call service! No sooner have I sent you an email....., I view my site again and you have changed my error for me!! Thank you so much! I am very excited about the possibilities now, I need to sleep on it and come up with some good ideas now I know what I can do! Many thanks, excellent site! VERY user friendly!
Jackie B.

Thank you very much

Thank you very much. I really appreciate the fact that you always help me right away and are patient with my lack of computer literacy. Thank you for that.
Gabrielle G.

what a great way to set up a site!

Thanks for all your help and what a great way to set up a site! Thank you for responding so quickly!
Chris G.

Thanks heaps

Thanks heaps, I don't know much about computers and thought it was unreal to be able to make my own website for my business.
Adey C.

quite happy with Site Skins

We are quite happy with the two sites we have going now...and are quite happy with Site Skins...now don't go and foul it up.
Joan and Marty M.

We have lift off!

It is up! We have lift off! I am so flattered, of course you can use our site as sample site. More than happy to accommodate. A MILLION THANK YOUs!!!
Laura and Erik L.

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